A Local Phone Services is local dial tone and long distance in bundle for one LOW monthly fee.
Long Distance Plan: It is a telephone call made outside a certain area, usually characterized by an area code outside of a local call area.
A Tool Free Services is a service where the person receiving the call pays for the call, rather than the caller. This allows children in college, family, friends or customers to call you at no cost to them.
A Calling Card is a small card, usually resembling a credit card, used to pay for telephone services.
A Dial Around Service is a long-distance services that require customers to dial a long-distance provider access code before dialing a long-distance number to bypass or dial around the customer s chosen long-distance carrier to get a better rate.
An International Calling Plan gives the possibility to call to number of any other country in the World.
A Residential VoIP is service plans using technology to make telephone calls via the Internet, oriented for residential needs.
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Residential Telecommunications Services

choose telecommunications for your home and family

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Residential Telecommunications Introduction

Enjoy telecommunication for your Home and the Family
covering all needs without limitations. Examine the needs of your
 Home and the Family and choose Residential
 Telecommunications that reflect the needs fully. You can choose
from Local, Long Distance and International phone plans, Toll
 Free services, Residential VoIP, Dial Around and Calling Cards.

This page and the following pages give you the opportunity
 to compare different Residential Telecommunications by
their features and prices. So you can provide your Home and
he Family without spending tons of money. When you made
your choice you will be directed to Reputable Merchant to
buy Telecommunications.

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We help you save your Money! You can compare the features and the prices of the products and services   You buy from reputable and trusted sellers only! (with PCI DSS)

Local and long Distance calls

Find separate Local and Long or Bundled Local and Long distance services from different providers. Talk to relatives and friends.

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International Calls

You may satisfy all your needs for international calls choosing from variety of international call services.

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Dial Around

A Man Dial Around

Get your access code and dial long distance calls around your long distance provider. Clever eh!

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Residential VoIP

Residential VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol is the cheapest way to talk with every in the World. Give it!

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Toll Free Services

Toll free numbers

The Toll-free plans give you the opportunity to receive calls from your children, parents or friends and to pay for them.

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Prepaid Calling Cards

Millions of people use these Cards to communicate with other millions in Wild World saving money. Join Them!

Triple Play Services

Triply Play Services

A home Phone, a Cable TV and and Internet provided in one trunk. It is an amazing combination. Go now and choose your Triply Play!

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