A Tool Free Services is a service where the person receiving the call pays for the call, rather than the caller. This allows children in college, family, friends or customers to call you at no cost to them.
Toll free or local number - local or national presence
Unlimited extensions - for departments & employees
Call forwarding to mobile phones - work from anywhere
Voicemails via email - play online or on cell phone
Manage online or by phone - no hardware to purchase
New Feature! - 855 Toll Free Numbers
Starting at $12 a month
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Sign up for a new Toll Free Number or Transfer your existing number.
- Choose 800, 888, 877 or 866 number. All the same rate.
- Ring to any number in the US or International
* - No Minimums or Contracts
- 6 second rounding for connected calls only
- Low monthly fee of $1.50 for first toll free and 75 cents for each additional toll free
- Unlimited simultaneous calls
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Activate your 1 800 number, toll free number, or local number with virtual phone system and voicemail. Make your business sound more professional - work from anywhere and keep your personal phone numbers private.
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Kall8 is the only fully integrated toll-free service that offers traditional 800 service with a complete set of online tools to manage and track your toll free numbers in real time. With Kall8, you can instantly activate and forward your 800 numbers, view calls, and analyze the results of your ad campaigns online. Choose from a variety of toll free numbers to find the perfect one for you!.
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For 15 years, PowerNet Global Communications has been delivering high quality service to its customers. PNG offers quality service, simple rate plans that deliver significant cost savings, and Customer Care that is setting a new standard in the communications industry.
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Toll Free Services

get toll free number for successful business

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Toll Free Introduction

The Toll Free Services give your Business more capabilities
for contacts with future customers. They will hesitate less to call
you. Your advertisements will be more successful and your
Business will grow. If you expect your future customers call you
before they buy, GET you Toll Free Number NOW!


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